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While the culimating event will take place in-person,
you DO NOT have to be present to enter a project.

Registration to participate (enter a project) will remain open until the event. Tri-fold presenation boards will be sent home each Friday leading up to the event. 

When and where do we work on projects?

Projects are carried out and prepared entirely at home – no classroom time will be assigned. A tri-fold display board for the project presentation will be provided by the OPT for each student who registers.

What does S.TE.A.M. stand for?
  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Arts

  • Mathematics

WHO can participate? 

This event is open to everyone grades K-5! Each student participates at their own level - enthusiasm and a desire to learn and create are the essential requirements.


NOTE: You do NOT need to enter a project to attend the in-person portion of the event! You also do NOT need to attend the in-person event to enter a project into the Fair.

WHAT is a S.T.E.A.M. Fair?

A voluntary, extra-curricular event that gives students a chance to have fun preparing and presenting a project for their friends and family. For those who choose not to enter a project, this is a fun evening dedicated to celebrating science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics!​

"I don't know what to enter..."

This is EASY! Think about the five categories that make up "S.T.E.A.M." Does one, or more, of these things interest you? If yes, then the sky is the limit! 

Projects DO NOT need to follow the Scientific Method. The goal of the Evergreen Academy S.T.E.A.M. Fair is to encourage inquiry, creativity and participation. A tri-fold presentation board will be given to each participant, but the project and display is up to you!

Where can I find ideas?

A quick internet search of "STEM Fair Projects" or "STEAM Fair Projects" will usually give you a pretty comprehensive list of project ideas. Here are a few websites to get you started:

WHY participate? 

Because it’s FUN! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their learning, build their thinking skills, increase their knowledge, think creatively, use problem-solving, practice presentation skills, build confidence, and experience the planning and follow through of their ideas to a completed project.

Can parents be involved?

Parents are openly permitted and encouraged to help their children with their projects at an appropriate level. The bulk of the project should be completed by the student, but parents can give encouragement as well as practical assistance. The level of assistance will vary by age of the student.

Is there a "winner" or are there prizes?

The STEAM Fair is a non-competitive event – each student’s participation will be recognized, and the reward is in the enjoyment of the project, feeling proud of your work, and having fun the evening of the fair! No winners or prizes will be awarded.

I want to use the Scientific Method, but what is it?
  1. Ask a question that you want to learn the answer to

  2. Make a hypothesis (your guess)

  3. Conduct research on your topic

  4. Create a materials list and a procedure

  5. Test your hypothesis through experimentation

  6. Collect and analyze your data

  7. Take pictures to document 

  8. Report the conclusion of your findings




This is a sample of a typical STEAM Fair board, using the Scientific Method.