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Why donate?

Our powerhouse OPT is completely fueled by donations/fundraising. While we ask each family to contribute by way of the annual Supplemental Academic Fee, we can't run on those alone. It is through independent donations and fundraisers such as the Spring Auction and Evergreen Eats Out where we are able to take our students and families' experience at Evergreen Academy to the next level!

Want to make a tax deductible (and corporate match eligible!) donation to help fund OPT? Your community thanks you!

Interested in sponsorship?

The Evergreen Academy OPT puts on MANY events throughout the year, offers funding for staff grants, teacher allowances, sponsors assemblies, guest speakers, parent education and more. Have something in particular your family or company wants to sponsor? Let us know!


Contact the OPT President at today to discuss your ideas and let's take your generosity to the next level!

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