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Volunteering with the OPT

At its heart, OPT's culture of giving is built on the spirit of volunteerism. Volunteers - current parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends - are involved in every classroom, event, and fundraiser. As volunteers we get to know other people in our community, we learn from each other, and we grow together to build a stronger community, a stronger Evergreen Academy for all.​

What does volunteering look like?

Volunteering can look like ANYTHING! Sometimes we need people to physically be present to help, sometimes we need donations of goods, and sometimes we need your help from home. Really, there is a job for everyone and jobs in all shapes and sizes!

Volunteering at OPT Events

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Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteer Roles at Evergreen Academy

link to contact front desk


Volunteering at Evergreen Academy is a wonderful way to get involved in your child’s education! We know that every family has varying ranges of availability to volunteer and there are opportunities for everyone! As a way to keep everyone safe, we ask our volunteers to follow the guidelines below and complete the necessary paperwork and training (as needed for specific roles) in advance of their volunteer commitment. If you have any questions, please direct them to your classroom teacher or the Evergreen Academy Front Office, in email or a phone call!

*New for the Fall of 2023 - Volunteers will need to complete a volunteer application and sign the final page of the volunteer handbook.

**Background check forms are valid for a period of three years. If you have completed one in the past, please check in (prior to volunteering) with the Front Office to confirm when yours needs to be renewed.

Regular Volunteer in the Classroom (Weekly or Daily)



Field Trip Volunteer


Chaperone for Overnight Trip, Supervising of Other Children

Ex: Camp Seymour (5th grade), Islandwood (4th grade), Mt. Saint Helens( 3rd grade)


Class Party Volunteer


  • No documentation needed, so long as you will not be alone with students.


Farmer’s Market


REMINDER: Many employers will match your volunteer hours with dollars! 
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