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Lunch on the Lawn tomorrow!

If you have not already, please RSVP for Lunch on the lawn if you plan to attend! Then, during your grade's time, you will sign in with the front office before proceeding to the OPT lawn! For reference, this is the grassy field next to that house you drive past as you enter the school parking lot.

Join your student(s) for lunch on the field, meet other families, see the faces of those in their class and enjoy the weather. Simply bring a blanket to sit on and your own lunch to enjoy!

Tue, 9/12

PreK, 11 AM

2nd Grade, 11:30 AM

Wed, 9/13

Kindergarten, 11 AM

3rd Grade, 11:30 AM

Thu, 9/14

1st Grade, 11 AM

4th & 5th Grades, 11:30 AM

Your friendly webmaster,

Steven Farnell

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