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Friday Folder Time! (Sept 15)

Hello Eagles,

Another Friday means more Friday folders! This week, we have a registration form for the first In Service on October 6th that needs to go back to the school, and we have 2 fliers from the OPT. Please check out the details for the Spirit wear sale and Family Movie Night

In Service registration is for October 6th, because the teachers will be in a professional development session. If you do not wish to keep your child at home on that day, you can pay for the school staff to keep them occupied! I think of these sessions like a mini camp, and if you are already signed up for before and after care, you will have extended care on this day too; however take note of the slightly different schedule: Inservice Hours: 8:30AM - 3:00PM

Before care 7:00AM - 8:30AM

After care hours: 3:00PM - 5:30PM

Download PDF • 267KB

It is spirit wear time again! Feel free to click/tap/scan the flier image above to navigate directly to the store, and remember students can always wear spirit wear as a way to add variety to your wardrobe! Having spirit wear can be a wonderful keepsake from our time as a community in the future, or you can donate it to the OPT to help raise funds in a year or two at the OPT store!

We hope to see you at Family Movie Night! Bring a blanket and some pillows to keep warm and comfortable! If you bring a chair, please try to stay to the sides or back of the field so everyone can see. While we haven't announced the movie yet, be sure to ask your kids what was announced on Monday! By the way, parents are welcome to join LAUNCH, please add it to your calendar!

Your friendly webmaster,

Steven Farnell

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