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Anything is Possible

Hello Eagles,

We made it; week one is complete! We marked the occasion with the tradition of Morning Coffee at the OPT house, and we went over to the first LAUNCH of the year! It was amazing to see all the kids getting settled after their first week, and to talk about this years theme; Anything is Possible!

This week's LAUNCH was presented by the teachers, and we heard about the book that accompanies our theme: Maybe by Kobi Yamada. Our children will be going back to this book all year long as we explore what it means to have a growth mindset and to set goals. If your little ones are like mine, they would probably get excited if you show them that you also read the book, and maybe even read it with them.

LAUNCH is Evergreen's bi-weekly morning meeting as a whole school. All students and staff gather to hear about upcoming events and activities, discuss the monthly theme, celebrate birthdays, hear about grade level projects and more. Each LAUNCH is led by a different class where they highlight the theme of the month and entertain through songs, skits, etc. As the year continues, your classroom teacher will notify you when your student's class is leading LAUNCH.

Your friendly Webmaster,

Steven Farnell

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